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About Us

A lifelong passion

I’m David, the owner of GetRetroArcade.co.uk.  I’ve been fascinated by arcade games since early childhood – it all started with the Star Wars sit-down arcade cabinet that was an incredible piece of kit.  And the fact that the game could talk was truly amazing at the time.

As years passed, there were so many of these games that I wanted to play at home, but the quality of the home conversions varied so greatly.  It was around the time of OutRun and Afterburner that I really desperately wanted a real arcade cabinet at home.

Even as the technology of the home consoles edged nearer and nearer to being the same standard of the arcades, something was just missing.  Maybe it’s the controllers, maybe it’s just the excitement of the simpler games.  I tried an X-Arcade stick, which is an arcade controller which uses the same parts as a genuine arcade machine, but this needed to be plugged into a PC, and that’s what ruined the experience – selecting a game with mouse and keyboard, rather than just turning a machine on and playing.

Even as some of the arcade front-ends have developed, it still takes an awfully long time to configure and maintain, and that’s why my efforts led me to find machines like the one being sold on this site.  Simple, well-built machines that don’t need configuring, just plug into the wall and turn on!

And here it is.  These machines don’t just look great, they play great too.  You will be blown away within minutes of turning it on.

Relive those memories today!  We promise that you’ll be smiling from ear to ear when you get your hands on these games.

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and you will feel the excitement of the arcade classics once more!

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